Forest School After School


FOREST SCHOOL AFTER SCHOOL HAS PAUSED FOR NOW. Please get in touch with us to register your interest in this group restarting.


After school is done, come to The Wild Meadow for Forest School fun!

Forest School After School is a very energetic club with lots of laughter! As is usual at Beccles Forest Schools, we facilitate the adventures that the children and young people want to embark on. We start and end with circle time, but otherwise this is a very child-led session that has lead to all kinds of incredible fun!


The Wild Meadow

Age Group:

5 – 11 years

Quick Info:

  • Thursdays 4:15pm to 6:15pm
  • on The Wild Meadow by Beccles Common
  • drop-off session
  • for children aged 5 to 11 years
  • with Forest School Leader Po

Our Adventures:

The Wild Meadow provides so many opportunities for creativity and fun. Over the warmer months, the long grass provides some wonderful spaces to hide and the dyke has had a toe or two dipped in it at times! There are some amazing trees for climbing, ropes to swing from and we love to get the slack line out!

When the evenings get darker, we take full advantage; this has been so exciting for everyone! Making beautiful leaf lanterns was definitely a highlight last year. We all wear head torches, which has been quite the novelty, and has allowed us to have a whale of a time tree-climbing, chalk-carving and grilling apple slices over the fire.

We would love to have you with us for more fun!

We are an Ofsted-registered setting. Parents who are eligible to claim money back for childcare can do so for this session.


You Will Need:

In the winter, with the darker evenings, children MUST wear a head torch to attend Forest School After School, in order to keep them safe and allow them both hands for tree-climbing, tool work and eating, etc. (Of course they may also bring a hand-held torch, but they must have their own head torch.)

There will be a light snack, probably cooked or warmed over the fire, but do send snacks or sandwiches if your child is likely to be hungry between 4:15pm and 6:15pm. A bottle of water or juice is essential, as we have limited fresh water on site.

Suitable clothing:

  • thick trousers and long sleeves to protect against nettles and insect bites
  • waterproof jacket and trousers
  • extra fleece or jumper
  • sturdy close-toe shoes such as walking boots (neoprene wellies if you have a choice)
  • sun or winter hat
  • thermal layers and winter coat, if cold
  • long hair must be tied back for safety

Please Bring:

  • zipped bag to keep everything tidy
  • change of clothing (including socks)
  • snacks and plenty of water to drink
  • cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon for food cooked on the fire

Please note: we have a NO NUTS policy and ask you to take all packaging away with you to re-use or recycle where possible.

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