Youth Group


BOOKING NOW OPEN FOR MONTHLY YOUTH GROUP! Starts 25th February. See below and select tickets to book.

Forest School Youth Group is a lovely session with lots of laughter and fun! As is usual at Beccles Forest Schools, we facilitate the adventures that the young people want to embark on. We start and end gathered together, but otherwise this is a very learner-led session that heads in all sorts of amazing directions!


The Wild Meadow

Age Group:

10+ years

Quick Info:

  • Saturday 25th February
  • Saturday 25th March
  • Saturday 22nd April
  • Saturday 20th May
  • 2:00pm to 4:30pm
  • on The Wild Meadow by Beccles Common
  • drop-off session
  • for children aged 10-13 years*
  • 50% sibling discount
  • with Forest School Leaders Lou and Chris


*We are happy to be a little lenient on this age category; if you think your child/young person would like to attend but they aren’t 10-13, please get in touch.

Our Adventures:

This group have been very engaged in cooking and crafting! There has been wreath-making with fallen leaves, stir-frying and even cakes cooked in oranges! Creating some delicious-sounding menus was definitely a highlight.


You Will Need:

Suitable clothing:
– thick trousers and long sleeves to protect against nettles and insect bites
– waterproof jacket and trousers
– extra fleece or jumper
– sturdy close-toe shoes such as walking boots (neoprene wellies if you have a choice)
– sun or winter hat
– thermal layers and winter coat, if cold
– long hair must be tied back for safety

Please Bring:
– zipped bag to keep everything tidy
– change of clothing (including socks)
– snacks and plenty of water to drink
– cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon for food cooked on the fire

Please note: we have a NO NUTS policy and ask you to take all packaging away with you to re-use or recycle where possible.

Event Schedule